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Tall Stories

13th August - 17th September 2005

Simon Patterson, David Batchelor, Matt Golden
Curated by Rajesh Punj

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Tall Stories takes its title from the language of narratives that consume us daily. The idea that from here on the fifth floor of Regent Studios, in this white-walled converted unit outwards, into the units and onto the floors above and below and further still onto the outer geography, that our lives are cajoled by basic narratives about how we should proceed to live and where we make our most effective contribution to the modern city. As a yarn, or a tale, Tall Stories focuses on one of the most intriguing cultural stories of all, 'the art object' and those responsible for procrastinating over such works as new narratives, the artist.

Cinematically such narratives are beautifully rendered in Richard Kelly's 2001 film Donnie Darko as the lead protagonist spends much of his time troubled by a night-mare life size rabbit in his head, that leads to a series of unsettling and embarrassing events over one summer in 1988 in middle America. More admirably the Polish Cinematographer Krzysztof Kieslowski wrote and directed the 'Three Colours Series' Blue, White & Red, in the early 1990's, that really gets to the essence of what happens to us in the city, as we live teeth by jowl, on top of one another. In Kieslowski's work, when we least expect it, as a detonator for change, colour saturates the film screen and something happens, a car accident, a robbery, a drowning, or something less interesting, the purchasing of cigarettes from a tobacconists, scenes that throw the lead character against Kieslowski's on-screen and off-screen audience.
Tall Stories will show artworks by three prominent British artists, all of whom are showing for the first time together.

The 1996 Turner Prize nominee Simon Patterson, (Lisson Gallery), has recently had a major one-person show at the Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh, in which the artist exhibited the acclaimed work 'Escape Routine 2002' also shown at the Sydney Biennale more recently. The exhibition is also touring to the Ikon, Birmingham, where Simon Patterson is showing a newly commissioned film piece to promote the retrospective. Simon has exhibited nationally and internationally since graduating from Goldsmiths College in 1989.

David Batchelor, (Wilkinson Gallery), is a writer, senior academic and a leading contemporary artist who has recently returned from Chile and New Mexico, where he is exhibiting new works. Author of 'Chromophobia' published in 2000; Batchelor has exhibited in 'Days Like These' the Tate Triennial of Contemporary British Art in 2003. (Curated by Jonathan Watkins, in collaboration with Judith Nesbitt), the Liverpool Biennal,as well as numerous international exhibitions.

The final artist, Matt Golden is a highly regarded new-comer and recent graduate of sculpture at the Royal College of Art, having exhibited most recently at the ICA, in collaboration with Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez, for the Student Film and Video Prize 2005. Previously having exhibited in group shows in America, South Korea and Tokyo, he has a forth-coming feature article for 'Tall Stories' in the contemporary cultural magazine 'Plastic Rhino'. Golden will be showing two newly commissioned works for 'Tall Stories' that examine the notion of ideas and ownership.

The artists deal in interventionist ideas and regenerative art practice. In Kieslowski's 1990's trilogy, the characters return to their pasts to understand themselves, as they cope with the poetic and more dramatic events that occur in the film; 'Tall Stories' is all about a return to something simpler and more beautiful.