During the years that we’ve been working with MOT there is one thing that I’ve noticed to be true, and that is that collaboration is the key to a successful museum management. Same thing is true for pretty much every industry when you think about it, but it’s especially true for museum management. A decent chunk of museum managers aren’t really partial to exchange of ideas for one reason or another, and that is a huge mistake.

Collaboration and exchange of ideas is the key to a successful museum

My source to making the claim that collaboration is important piece of successful museum management would be a bit one-sided because it’s coming from my own experience. However I really do think that if you start talking to and collaborating with other museum managers, you’ll come across a lot of useful ideas that other museum curators and managers have discovered to be successful in running their museums.

MOT International consists of only a handful of museums from 4 countries and together we’ve had tremendous progress overall when it comes to exhibit presentation, visitor engagement, visitor numbers and pretty much every other aspect of running a good museum. Hence the reason why I think you should contact us and join MOT, because we will all benefit from your membership. Get in touch with us now and don’t miss out on a great opportunity to make your museum better.