Every time that we talk with museum managers we keep hearing the same thing over and over again, and that is that people quickly lose interest in museum exhibits. They just stop visiting and what we’ve noticed is that the problem might be the fact that the managers in charge with exhibit aren’t keeping up with times. That’s something that MOT International can help with.

Mixing media and museums for maximum visitor satisfaction

What museum managers of old, let call them that, seem to be forgetting is that we are living in times of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and whatnot. For a museum to keep attracting visitors, and to even increase the number of visitors, the key is to find a way to blend what we call modern media with the exhibits that you put up in your museum, assuming that you are a museum curator of course.

If you’re now wondering how you might do that exactly, you’ve come to the right place. The whole purpose of MOT International is to help museum curators who are lost in the modern media to find a way to use all the modern gadgets in order to attract new visitors, and to keep the old regulars coming for more.

Most museum managers of all shapes and sizes that we talk to seem to be afraid of tech, to the point that they blame technology for the slops in attendance. When in fact they should be embracing media and all the advantages that it can give in order to attract more people to visit museums.

For example, they could use apps, for smartphones like Android and iPhone in order to distribute information about the exhibits. Museums managers could also use tablets, or touch displays at the very least and put them up in front of exhibits to provide additional information about the exhibit in question. Another thing that can be done is the touch displays can be used to setup interactive media, fun quizzes, games and other similar apps that will capture the attention of museum attendees and also make them learn something.

Those who like a more traditional visit to the museum can simply ignore all the modern displays, gizmos and other stuff that’s setup next to the exhibits. All in all, you can see that there really are ways that you can both embrace the modern and combine it with the more traditional. There is no need to be afraid of new technologies. Contact us here at MOT International if you would like to know more or if you have any kind of additional questions.