MOT International is an international organization run by a group of museum curators and managers from England, Belgium, Netherlands and France. Our goal is exchange of ideas, best practices and overall improvement of museum management. Since we are mostly managers of technical museums, membership in our organization has up until now been mostly centered around technical museums. In recent times though we’ve been approached by our colleagues from art museums, history museums and other similar institutions who are interested in the advantages that our little organization offers.

MOT has many benefits for its members, starting from the most basic, which is exchange of ideas. We’ve been working hard on improving communication and cooperation between museums in order for our members to improve the types of exhibits that they’re offering to visitors, and also to increase the number of visitors that they are getting. There are many ways that people can benefit from joining MOT, and the first step is to get in touch. So do it and you’ll see why MOT is great.