This is an announcement for all the members of the MOT family that we will be having our annual MOT International workshop this July, in Brussels. We are still working out the details so stay tuned for more information as we are still not sure about the venue, but we are sure about the date, 20th – 23rd July. So clear your schedule, make travel plans, because we are going to wow you again with a educational and fun filled weekend in Brussels.

Announcement – MOT International workshop in July

Venue isn’t the only thing that we still don’t have worked out. We’re also busy working out the actual event schedule. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure to fill out the meeting schedule with all the topics that our fellow museum curators are interested in. There’s going to be discussions on good methods to attract more visitors to your museum, how to make the best out of your budget and how to save money on promotion while getting the best possible promotion using social media.

Venue will probably be the same hotel that you’ve grown used to now, Hotel Le Plaza, probably. We’re still not sure and we’re still in talks with the management. As I’ve already mentioned, stay tuned for future posts, but make sure to put a checkmark in the calender for July 20th.